Hi there, I am an Industrial Designer in my final year of studies at London South Bank University. My projects cover a wide scope responding to briefs from university assignments and design competitions. I have won or placed in 10 international student design competitions covering a variety of sectors (full list on Resume).
Skilled at rapidly conceptualizing opportunistic ideas and visualizing them through sketches, renders, prototypes, and presentations. Passionate about making products that benefit users through functional design. Driven to design ethically keeping in consideration sustainability and inclusiveness. Specialized in material science having worked with a large range of materials across a variety of industries.
Before becoming a designer, I worked in Public Relations, Sales, and as a Personal Fitness Trainer. These roles help who I am today in both concept generation, knowledge resource, presentation skills, and public speaking ease.
Available for freelance work or for full-time opportunities post graduation. Eligible to work both in Europe and USA.
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