Winner of the 2018 Bolt Burdon Kemp Design Challenge
In a market abundant with wheelchairs, Moveo attempts to stand out from the rest not only by tailoring features to people with a spinal cord injury but also counter the common issues. 
From primary and secondary research, I observed these issues to be: high cost, bulky weight, unaesthetic appearance, slippery rail, contact with dirty tire upon pushing rail, abundance of complex joints, sweat prone fabric.
I also observed the challenges facing potential users of Moveo to be: inability to grab rail/low push power, necessity of wearing gloves to push rail, inability to regulate body temperature from injured vertebrae down, undetected high blood pressure, uncontrollable shaking legs and feet, poor posture due to inability to employ core strength.
Moveo is a functional, comfortable, and aesthetic wheelchair designed especially for people with spinal cord injuries. Moveo makes moving easy through gear reduction, lightweight yet high strength materials, and a reversed pushing mechanism. With comfort in mind, intelligent textiles inherently help regulate the user’s body temperature. Available in three trims, the wheels, rims and frame feature trending colours through intricate patterns and details.

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