Finalist in the Ellen McArthur Foundation Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge 2017
Somnum is a modular bed that promotes product life longevity by adapting to growing consumers and offering multiple uses. Somnum transforms itself from a baby crib into a toddler bed and again into a single adult bed by expanding and contracting the frame and rails. This modular mechanism allows parents to keep the bed in use throughout their child’s entire life, and even use it for adults or pass it down to successive generations of children. In addition to being a modular bed, Somnum can be turned into a desk by replacing the mattress with a tempered tinted glass ordered at time of use. By significantly reducing the number of beds a family needs to purchase in a lifetime, Somnum offers substantial economic benefits to the end user. Ecological benefits are achieved as well with diminished natural resources being used and a design that promotes a closed loop product cycle through easy disassembly and separation of materials.

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