SOLIDWOOL  Pulling the inherent insulating properties of wool and marrying them with injection mouldable resin gives this marble resembling material.

PLYBOO  Bamboo plywood brings for a lightweight yet durable natural element to a confined environment.

ALUMINIUM  Lightweight, cold to the touch, and abundantly recyclable.

PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS  Store and release heat and cold helping maintain a comfortable temperature.

ODiN  Virtual Laser Projection Trackpad allows for user to adjust controls from any surface.

O SOUND  This flat speaker can be discretely embedded between surfaces and activated using gesture.

DYSON AIR MULTIPLIER  Slim and powerful, these vents disperse air at multi-directional angles.

HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS  Offer a continuous flow of pure water by recycling hydrogen fuel cells from the exhaust.

OCCHIO  Gesture controlled lighting is conveniently placed within an arm reach of the driver or passenger.

FIBRANCE  Fiber optic lighting eliminates bulky devices and gives an indication of function where the cable is laid.

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